byf use thao and she/her only if close, i swear often, spam random shit, km/ys/die jokes, hold favs accountable, change layout/user a lot, dont take me srsly 90% of things i say r ironic, flirt jokingly (lmk if ur uncomfy!), mean jokingly, i don't tw foods/caps, i make many grammatical & spelling errors, sb to break mutual, everskies: boobiys discord: meenoi#9990
dni if u fit the basic dfi criteria, __phobic, racist, asiaboo, mainly rt, 13-, anti groups i stan, tw food, furries, ship idols, kwj, omg, seungri, kwon mina, jae supporter, cishets, DSMP STANS DNI !! , invalidate non she/her lesbians & neopronouns, no race visible anywhere
interests kpop jpop guitar pastels mcu 2000s disney/nick shows stop motion rnb commentary yters otv carrd designing fashion clothes everskies jerry trainor andrew garfield
main/priv acc, hablo de mi vida personal, intereses, amigos etc, no kpop related, not spoiler free, no necesito tws ni uso tone indicators o doble espacio al escribir pero si tu los necesitas avísame, sb en vez de unf


Pink Cherry